Soccer Enthusiast

So this is James.  He’s my brother and he shares an energy and passion for soccer!


james soccer



I love when I finish a drawing!  I get joy to add it to my portfolio along with all my others.  Found this one on Pinterest and decided to go for its challenging positions and its fun emotion–I love it.  😀



I really enjoyed working on this drawing.  I did the hair and most everything else in about three days because I needed to have it done for a friend by a certain day, so it lacks some detail that I wish were there.  I still, however; really like it!



Girl in Color

I’m experimenting more with color lately.  Stepping out of my comfort zone that I have with graphite and working towards the goal of having the color as realistic as possible.  This one was a challenge.  There’s a lot of things I have to do differently than I would with my graphite pencil.  Although not anywhere near “perfect”, I’m still happy with this drawing and will have more knowledge when I work on my next color piece.


fancyfocus color

Baby Lamb

I’m not super impressed by this drawing because it doesn’t have the detail I wanted it to have ( like looking more life-like ).  It has taught me what I shouldn’t do so because of that I’m learning to be a better artist.


fancyfocus lamb


This drawing was very enjoyable for me to work on.  What made it a challenge however is that I didn’t really have a picture to draw from for the girl in this drawing.  I had found a really nice one of the guy but he was alone in it, so I had to figure something out.  I ended up finding a catalog picture for the girl which helped a little to get started with, but then I was on my own to think about where the shadows went and such.  Anyway, it could have turned out a little better if I had had a picture where they were together, but I’m still happy with the way it looks. 🙂